This cabinet contins the scanned images of the Historical Production Cards which contain the production as recoreded by the AOGC prior to the RBDMS database implementation. The old Form 5's, Well Status Report and Gas-Oil Ratio, are also available in this cabinet but are a work in process so the numberof images available will continue to increase until all have been scanned and published.
The cabinet has four searchable fields:
Field - The oil or gas field where the well/lease is located.
Reservior - The reservoir/pool/zone from where the well/ lease is produced.

Year - The production year since all 12 months are recorded on each card. **NOTE** The Year field is populated with the Last Year recorded and all previous years will be the subsequent pages and they are in decending chronological order.

Doc_Type - Currently only two different documents exist; Card - Historical Production Cards, and Form 5 - Well Status Report andGas-Oil Ratio.
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