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e-Reporting Introduction

Arkansas eReport was developed under the leadership of the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. In the background, the application uses an XML data schema (eReport3_5.xsd) developed nationally, with input from many oil and gas producing states, to transfer data over the internet. GWPC is making this system available to any state that is interested.

Arkansas eReport requires a one-time download of the a .Net program that operates on the user’s computer. The program is easy to use because of its spreadsheet-style format. It allows users to access their current well (production and enhanced recovery) and entity (disposition) information from the commission's databases, manually input their reports off-line, and then submit their data via the internet. It includes data entry forms for Arkansas production, disposition, and enhanced recovery reports.

Arkansas eReport program allows operators to submit the following:

  • Producers Monthly Report (Form 6)
  • Monthly Gas Report (Form 7)
  • Salt Water Disposal Report (Form 14)

To become a user of the Arkansas eReport - Complete the Registration Form

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